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CQ WW WPX Contest, CW

PorPY1ZV-0 - Enviado em 13 May 2013

25/05/2013 00:00
26/05/2013 23:59

  Mode: CW
  Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m
  Classes: Single Op All Band (QRP/Low/High)(Tribander/Rookie)
Single Op Single Band (QRP/Low/High)(Tribander/Rookie)
Single Op Assisted All Band (QRP/Low/High)(Tribander/Rookie)
Single Op Assisted Single Band (Low/High)(Tribander/Rookie)
  Max operating hours: Single Op: 36 hours with offtimes of at least 60 minutes
Multi-Op: 48 hours
  Max power: HP: 1500 watts
LP: 100 watts
QRP: 5 watts
  Exchange: RST + Serial No.
  Work stations: Once per band
  QSO Points: 6 points per 160/80/40m QSO with different continent 3 points per 20/15/10m QSO with different continent
2 points per 160/80/40m QSO with same continent different country
1 point per 20/15/10m QSO with same continent different country
4 points per 160/80/40m QSO between stations in NA
2 points per 20/15/10m QSO between stations in NA
1 point per QSO with same country (except in NA)
  Multipliers: Prefixes once
  Score Calculation: Total score = total QSO points x total mults
  E-mail logs to: cw[at]cqwpx[dot]com
  Upload log at:
  Mail logs to: SSB WPX Contest 
11 Hollis Street 
Uxbridge, MA 01569 
  Find rules at:





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